Curbrigen is a three-piece punk rock band from the “moulded bunker” of Lucija, Slovenia. Born from boredom during the “great lockdown of 2021”, the name came partly from a juvenile joke and partly as a tribute to the great skier Pirmin Zurbriggen. Although Curbrigen are young as a band the members are definitely not! Playing in punk/HC/metal/alternative bands for more than 20 years… and counting! Some say they play “California – flavoured 90s punk rock” but if you ask them “It’s just punk rock – simple as that!”. In 2023 they recorded and self-released their first album “Unknown destination”. In 2024 they shot a video for the title song which also became “Song of the week” on the regional radio “Radio Koper”.

Curbrigen are:
Peter Kokotec – guitar + vocals
Erik Pibernik – bass + back vocals
Martin Vičič – drums

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